Bad Effects of Weakness in General English Speaking

SureEnglish, General English Speaking Course teaches to tackle the problems related with speaking English in public.

No good at Speaking English language, results in no good job in high profile company. It affected my payment scale, Therefore no improvement in life. I am still in crowd... No. problem, join SureEnglish, Best English Speaking Class. This Spoken English Academy will definitely bring you out of crowd.

Permanent side-effect of weakness in English Language...

I would have gone by 1st class, if i had had good job in high profile company. I had tried for many time, but because of not so well English speaking ability, I could not manage to grab those job. Therefore, right now, I have to work with low profile company which offer very less salary. With this low salary, how can I live luxurious life? If I had learnt English speaking 10 years before, I would not have been in a rush like this.Yes, right... you got it, but very late. SureEnglish, English Speaking Course says if you are making late to learn to speak English means you are making late to your progress.