By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

For beginners, English Language is very hard to read, understand than Indian languages

As per study conducted by SureEnglish about why English Language is harder to read & understand than any other Indian language, the few things came in the view like these. 

Around 30%  to 40%  words pronunciation & spelling structure matching with each other are as per grammar rules of vowel & consonant like Mix, Pen, Sit, Meet, Let, Book, Long, Send, etc. 

Around 20% to 30% word pronunciation are with silent letter which is not easy to guess how to spell that particular word, e.g. doubt, knife, wrong, Watch, etc. 

Around 30% to 40% word pronunciation are different from its spelling structure like Little, More, Table, Dry,  Peon, Door, Ball, etc.

Around 20% to 30% word pronunciation are same, but spelli...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

English words with different Pronunciation from its spelling create confusions while learning English

Why the pronunciation of English words is so different from its spelling? Why can’t most of the English spelling be spelled as it is seen? Is there any need of word pronunciation dictionary for this language?  Really, this is big difficulties for those who don’t have much more idea about English words more than ABCD.  Many other language just like Marathi, Hindi etc in India, have no such kind of confusion. Anyone can read Marathi / Hindi words just by identifying its alphabets-structure.  Such thing doesn’t happen in English language. 

There are different kinds of English pronunciation rules which are taught in advance spoken English training which leave so many beginners in confusion whether to speak particular word lik...