By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

In these days, Personal Training is more beneficial than Group Training to learn English fast

Today, in India, most of the people knows English language better, Even though they cannot speak, they can identify its words and its alphabets easily, because lessons of English language starts from primary level. But because of some family or financial problem, nearby half of them have to drop their education in the half. Some of them are educated from city side and some of them are from village side. Therefore some of them have very good English knowledge, but some of them have not so good English knowledge. Along with this, some of them have good grasping power to learn more, but some of them weak grasping power. 

Having such kind of mixed background, if such people want to learn English, which kind of training will give expected re...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Without fluent English Speaking Exercises, learning American or British Accent directly is not possible

In India, everybody has attraction of English Language. Most of the people try some of the English words or sentences just for impressing other. It is good to try like this. By this way English will be improved gradually.  But seeing the dream of speaking English just like American or British in the beginning just by joining American or British Accent Training Class will be totally stupidity. At the moment if there is no spoken English practice a little bit, how can anyone dream like this? 

Those who want to speak in English like American or British people by just joining American or British Accent Class, first they should learn to speak English fluently at local level in India.  Learning Amarican or British Accent is not heav...