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English Language Course is simply English Language Course everywhere all the time. It is for teaching students to speak in English. If it works same, than what is the need to give so many names to these courses. Some says it General English Course, some says Intensive English Course, some says it Basic English Course and so on… Are these totally complete and separate courses from each other to learn to speak English individually?

General English Speaking Course will teach to speak English generally. About this type of course one question is there. Without Basic or Advance grammar, how will this course teach English? If Intensive (In-depth English) or Conversational English will not be taught in this course, than how can such course will teac...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Public Speaking Course and English Speaking Course are different from each other

Art of Public Speaking means what actually? It doesn’t mean to speak English fluently, but keep you ready to stand before crowd to give them speech impressively. Thousands of eyes are observing continuously what & how you are speaking? While you speaking before them, none of them should not get bore. You should able to keep your audience engaged in listening you for more time. You should be careful about this. 

SureEnglish Says, making it a part of Spoken English Course is not logical, because purpose & requirement of both of them is different from each other. 

Public Speaking requires positive attitude with no fear to speak before public. You should be ready with your impressive speech material. You should be ready with 10...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

To learn english speaking, Spoken English Practice on normal level is needed more than Grammar & Vocabulary

What is the actual use of Grammar & Vocabulary in any language, mostly in English? Grammar & Vocabulary are the most important aspect to learn English. Everybody knows this simply. But will anyone tell how it is important?

SureEnglish will clarify this. With the help of English grammar rules, every sentence structure can be made without any mistake. No mistake means full confident about what have been spoken, is totally perfect. In the same way, with the help of vocabulary, unlimited sentence structure can be made, because vocabulary is unlimited, therefore sentences can be made unlimited.  In such way, by using Grammar rules & Vocabulary, unlimited sentences can be built without any mistake. 

But on the basis of study o...

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Letter Writing tips is not imperative tool required to learn English Speaking

Letter Writing Skills teaches how to write a letter in English that will be impressive in business communication.  Impressing clients, convincing parties as per requirement, effective Letter Writing are needed so much. Therefore today Letter Writing Skills becomes most essential. 

Even though importance of Letter Writing in every official work, it cannot take place in syllabus of Spoken English Course.  Because Spoken English Course requires too much English Speaking Exercises of English words and sentence structures.  Only after continuous oral practice, English Language can be spoken easily.  Against to this, Letter Writing Skills requires lot of writing practice of various types of letters. Because of this, oral p...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Job Interview questions and answers cannot be inseparable part of English Learning Course

Appearing for job interview in High Profile Company is not a easy task. Effective interview in any high profile company will make easy to grab job opportunities there. Therefore having fluent English Communication Skills & Interview Skills is most essential to face interview.  Today mostly interviews are given in English language to create long lasting impression. Hence there is invisible connection established between good command over English language & effective communication skills. 

Despite this healthy relation between them, Job Interview question and answer cannot be inseparable part of advance English Speaking Course just like grammar & vocabulary.  Lessons of English Speaking are not depended on Interview ...

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Personality Development course has no any direct connection with English Learning Course

What is personality development course?  Are following Personality Development tips necessary for enhancing Spoken English practice? Are these Personality Development Classes limited only to English language or applicable to any other languages just like Marathi / Hindi in India? Without it, can the English Language Course not be completed properly? 

As per SureEnglish’s views, Personality Development has nothing to do with Spoken English course.  Personality Development Skill is not other than impressive personal behavior using for official work purpose.  Personality Development tips helps to improve weak personality or general behavior which varies from person to person. It shows that Personality Development Course is n...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Why so many names are given to English Grammar, e.g. Advanced Grammar, Basic Grammar, etc?

Can anybody clarify what is Basic Grammar & what is Advance?  Where does it actually start & where does it end?  What is difference among these Basic Grammar, Advance Grammar, Comprehensive Grammar, General Grammar and so on?  Is this type of English Grammar Exercise actually required to learn English Grammar in-depth? 

SureEnglish says, it is unwanted extension of commonly used English Grammar Rules. In fact, there is no such kind of classification of grammar existed on the basis of particular topic. All these types of English grammar lessons are designed separately under different name by different authors and institutes as per their teaching method.  As per SureEnglish study on this issue, such kind of dis...

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On single time, teaching all students with different backgrounds to Speak English is not possible by Group Training

SureEnglish has observed one thing carefully that on one single time, how can student with different educational background, different grasping power be taught under one roof.  In India, everybody has some knowledge of English, but it is not equal. Everybody get Basic English Lessons right from 1st standard.  In a batch there are so many students having completed their10th to graduation, diploma or degree.  Graduate students will definitely have more English language knowledge than students of 10th.  In the same way, students from city side will definitely have perfect English knowledge than students of village side.  Student having good grasping power will learn fast than student with less grasping power. 

If s...