By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

English Speaking Classes should teach students as per their grasping power & educational background

Today, while learning English, student have to face so many problems. There is huge difference between the education of English language & any other subject.  English Language Learning is very tough not only because of its complicated grammar, but so many other hidden issues are also there which are not imaginable. Let’s see all these here.

Major problem is difference between the spelling structure & its pronunciation.  It is explained exclusively in our other blog. 

Second issue is different educational background of students. Some have completed 8th, some have 10th , some have 12th or graduation. Therefore more educated student understands first & less educated understand very late.

Third issues is grasping power o...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

English Training at home by reading books, apps; English Listening and enhancing vocabulary without teacher will never make ready to speak English fluently

In India, it is already being said that there is no better option for teacher to learn easily. To learn English speaking at home by self-studying from books/apps, English listening, reading English newspaper or enhancing vocabulary is just like running attempts of physically-impaired person by one leg.

Who will teach best, teacher or statue of teacher? Off Course, teacher…!  In spite of availability of so many subject-wise books in the market, parents prefer to send their child to school, college & class. Because one added facility is available there i.e. ready guidance from subject-wise teachers who has lot of teaching experience. 

First of all, English language is not originally Indian language. Therefore most of family membe...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Online English Learning Course is not reliable & result-oriented just like In-class English Training

English is such a language which seems more complicated than any other language. First of all, its words are not written as per its pronunciation. For e.g. Do, Circus, Public, blood, little, more, etc... Same like this, its many words have different word-structure but have same pronunciation, for eg. Sea-See,  Be-Bee, Sheep-Ship, test-taste, beat-bit, Male-Mail,  Sell-Cell, Bell-Bail, Fair-Fare, their-there, etc…,  Many of the spelling have same word structure, but is meaning is different, for e.g. wound, wind, tear, bear, etc…., 

That’s why there is a lot of chances of mistakes & misunderstanding, if it is not taught attentively.  While teaching, teacher should observe carefully whether words is spelled as it is...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Group Discussion is very dangerous for improving English Speaking Skills

SureEnglish is confirm on its stand that Group Discussion is not useful a little bit for those who want to make spoken English practice.  Instead of its usefulness, it looks harmful too much, mostly in India where fluent English is not spoken on higher level.  Why Group Discussion may be harmful if it is used as Training tool of English language? What may be the reason for not recommending it as more essential for Spoken English Training? 

Group Discussion always requires only those equally capable persons who can express their views easly without any mistake in speaking or misunderstanding. Just look at educational background of those who want to learn English Speaking.  Those who wish to join English Speaking Class are ...