By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Today American Accent or British Accent is prime requirement of Spoken English around the world

Accent means what actually? Is any language identified separately on the basis of its different type of accents? Answer is no. As per SureEnglish, accent means particular speaking tone or particular style of expressing words or sentence structures. There are so many kind of accents in every language including English varied from person to person and from region to region. 

Accent is just matter of personal choice. Everybody can speak in whatever tone or style he like. As per situation, how to pronounce English words, when to use lower tone and when not, can only be decided by those who wish to speak that word or sentence structure.  Accent is used to give weight on perticular words or sentences. With the help of Accent, particular ...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

On single time, teaching all students with different backgrounds to Speak English is not possible by Group Training

SureEnglish has observed one thing carefully that on one single time, how can student with different educational background, different grasping power be taught under one roof.  In India, everybody has some knowledge of English, but it is not equal. Everybody get Basic English Lessons right from 1st standard.  In a batch there are so many students having completed their10th to graduation, diploma or degree.  Graduate students will definitely have more English language knowledge than students of 10th.  In the same way, students from city side will definitely have perfect English knowledge than students of village side.  Student having good grasping power will learn fast than student with less grasping power. 

If s...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Group Discussion in English may be reason for loosing self-confidence of students who are not-so-well in English

Group Discussion in English requires every participant to speak only in English language. Those who has good educational background with good English conversation practice, can speak well, explain everything perfectly in English. But what about those who have not well educational background and have joined class to learn English speaking just three-four month before. In this short period, can such students be able to speak English fluently in Group Discussion?

In Group Discussion, such students only keep on listening others whatever is possible, but speak very little in English because of fear. Hardly two or three routine English words or sentence structure come out of their mouth. They feel pressure while reminding different English words, ...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Group Discussion is very dangerous for improving English Speaking Skills

SureEnglish is confirm on its stand that Group Discussion is not useful a little bit for those who want to make spoken English practice.  Instead of its usefulness, it looks harmful too much, mostly in India where fluent English is not spoken on higher level.  Why Group Discussion may be harmful if it is used as Training tool of English language? What may be the reason for not recommending it as more essential for Spoken English Training? 

Group Discussion always requires only those equally capable persons who can express their views easly without any mistake in speaking or misunderstanding. Just look at educational background of those who want to learn English Speaking.  Those who wish to join English Speaking Class are ...

By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Group Discussion never helps to improve Spoken English Skill

As per SureEnglish, group discussion can never be part of Spoken English Course.  Without it, learning to speak in English is possible.  Has anybody perfect idea about what’s exact role does Group Discussion play to improve English conversation?  It is used somewhere else for different purpose. It has no little bit of connection with improvement of English conversation practice. 

Group Discussion is mostly used to achieve something better that is still unknown by discussing on particular topic.  In this discussion, two or more than two equally well-educated, talented, experts of their field are required to share their views on particular problematic issue which is needed to be studied better. In this discussion, thes...