By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

English Training at home by reading books, apps; English Listening and enhancing vocabulary without teacher will never make ready to speak English fluently

In India, it is already being said that there is no better option for teacher to learn easily. To learn English speaking at home by self-studying from books/apps, English listening, reading English newspaper or enhancing vocabulary is just like running attempts of physically-impaired person by one leg.

Who will teach best, teacher or statue of teacher? Off Course, teacher…!  In spite of availability of so many subject-wise books in the market, parents prefer to send their child to school, college & class. Because one added facility is available there i.e. ready guidance from subject-wise teachers who has lot of teaching experience. 

First of all, English language is not originally Indian language. Therefore most of family members or friends have less exact idea about how to improve English Speaking or how to talk in English in general life. Hence, while learning Spoken English at home without teacher, if supposed, there is any doubt/problem about grammar, words-power or sentence structure, who will guide at home? 

If mother-father-brothers-sisters-friends are not well-educated, they can’t sort out any English-related problems. Even if they are well-educated, they may not give enough time, because they may be busy for whole day with their works plus they may not have enough experience of teaching this language just like proper English teacher doing same work for many years.

Another thing, while learning English speaking at home, if mistakes happen continuously because of wrong guidance got from family-members or friends who don’t have teaching experience, what will be use of efforts taken to learn to speak English. 

Meanwhile, while learning English speaking, if mistakes ignored continuously, it may become wrong English speaking practice which may lead you another mistakes. 

In such way, without guidance from experienced English tutor, if it is tried to learn English easily at home, than it will be great headache.


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