By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Online English Learning Course is not reliable & result-oriented just like In-class English Training

English is such a language which seems more complicated than any other language. First of all, its words are not written as per its pronunciation. For e.g. Do, Circus, Public, blood, little, more, etc... Same like this, its many words have different word-structure but have same pronunciation, for eg. Sea-See,  Be-Bee, Sheep-Ship, test-taste, beat-bit, Male-Mail,  Sell-Cell, Bell-Bail, Fair-Fare, their-there, etc…,  Many of the spelling have same word structure, but is meaning is different, for e.g. wound, wind, tear, bear, etc…., 

That’s why there is a lot of chances of mistakes & misunderstanding, if it is not taught attentively.  While teaching, teacher should observe carefully whether words is spelled as it is or not, whether used word is matching with its meaning or not, whether sentence structure is made as per grammar rules or not… etc. Hence to avoid such mistake, English teacher should be nearby to those students in a ready position to find out every mistake made by students. 

Such kind of training is not available in Online English Speaking Institute.  While online english classes, teacher will say one thing and students may get another on phone.  Due to this, there will be lot of chances of misunderstanding between student and teacher. 

Another problem is like this, while Online English Learning Classes, technical issues like voice is not clear, internet is slow also may arise. That’s why there is chances of mistake or misunderstanding from both trainer & students side.

By observing all this, expected result can’t be expected from such Online English Learning Course.  Therefore Spoken English Training given in English Learning Classes is much better & reliable than online tutoring.


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