By: ad.sureenglish | March 03, 2018

Personality Development course has no any direct connection with English Learning Course

What is personality development course?  Are following Personality Development tips necessary for enhancing Spoken English practice? Are these Personality Development Classes limited only to English language or applicable to any other languages just like Marathi / Hindi in India? Without it, can the English Language Course not be completed properly? 

As per SureEnglish’s views, Personality Development has nothing to do with Spoken English course.  Personality Development Skill is not other than impressive personal behavior using for official work purpose.  Personality Development tips helps to improve weak personality or general behavior which varies from person to person. It shows that Personality Development Course is not related with any language related problem.  If it is not helping to solve English speaking related problem, including it as part of English Speaking Course in the name of Advance Course will be irrelevant. 

Those whose have good personality, can also be able to express themselves in their mother tongue, but cannot speak in English a little bit, For these Spoken English Institute is required.  Personality Development Classes is not useful for them.

Those whose have no good personality, can speak in English fluently, but can’t be able to express themselves in appropriate manner which is required in working place.  For these English Speaking Institute is not required. Personality Development Classes is required to develop their personality.

Sometime Personality Development Course remains effective as long as course is going on. After that it may not show expected result forever, as it cannot modify the nature or attitude of a person for long time.


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