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English Language Course is simply English Language Course everywhere all the time. It is for teaching students to speak in English. If it works same, than what is the need to give so many names to these courses. Some says it General English Course, some says Intensive English Course, some says it Basic English Course and so on… Are these totally complete and separate courses from each other to learn to speak English individually?

General English Speaking Course will teach to speak English generally. About this type of course one question is there. Without Basic or Advance grammar, how will this course teach English? If Intensive (In-depth English) or Conversational English will not be taught in this course, than how can such course will teach to speak English generally.

Conversational English Speaking Course will enable to make conversation in English. Without Basic / Advance Course or Intensive Course, will it be possible to keep continue conversation in English just like any other regional language.

What is exact definition of Basic as well as Advance Spoken English Course? Where does it start and where does it end? What is included and what is not in these courses? 

Doesn’t Business or Corporate English Speaking Course require any support from Intensive / Conversational English Course, Basic / Advance English Speaking Course?

As per SureEnglish study, such kind of variety of names may have given to courses by different institutes or authors as per their contents of course materials. 

By explaining this, SureEnglish want to bring this unknown thing before you all. All these types of courses may be looking different, but internally they are connected and depended on one another. Actually material is same but names are different.

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