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SureEnglish, Advanced English Grammar Course, Spoken English Class, Conversational English Language Academy

SureEnglish, Spoken English Language Course gives Instant English means Instant Result. Those who fade up with unsucceseful attempt of learning to speak English, SureEnglish, Spoken English Class gives great chance to learn to speak Instantly.

Start to speak right from now...

In SureEnglish, Spoken English Class, we teach you English as far as possible without wasting your precious time.

Right from the 1st day, you will start to speak, if you are above 12th from mumbai like city. and if you are below 12th or completed school/college from village, than we will take 15 days to make your wordpower strong. Because without stock of English words, learning English is not possible.

Till now, you have tried many options to learn English, but you failed to learn. Because you are teaching yourself. Actually teaching & learning is different thing. While teaching yourself, how will you know when & where have you gone wrong? How will you know yourself whether have you missed anything while speaking or not?

To avoid such type of uncertainty, we gets all type of your study done here in class under our supervision. Suppose if you have any doubt about any grammar or words, that time we don't let you keep on thinking or searching solution. We clear all your doubt within seconds by explaining its solution. In such way, SureEnglish, Spoken English Language Course save your time & cut your headache of keeping on searching the solution on your own.

We don't ask you to make any sentence structure at home. Because we know you will make mistake somewhere in grammar, vocabulary. So what is use of taking efforts to make such sentences. At home, who will keep watch whether you are making right sentences or wrong? & who will correct it?

You are getting here everything ready to learn. You will get grammar, vocabulary, speaking habit and on-the-spot-solution at a time in one place. So why will you take time to learn.

In short, you will start to speak English instantly like never before.

SureEnglish, Conversational English Language Academy, take only 5 students just for concentrating on each & every students.  Personal Training given by SureEnglish, Advanced English Grammar Course is one of the key feature. Our Methodology is different than any other Spoken English Language Course.

Only 5-8 Students Per Batch

SureEnglish Advanced English Grammar Course is giving full guarantee of teaching you to speak English at any cost. But it is not possible if there are 15-20 students in every batches. Because students are continuously making mistakes while making new-new sentence structure. Therefore we don't allow any student to make any new sentence at home. All the sentences we get done in class by you. After checking these properly,  we give permission to speak it at home & in friend-circle. 

SureEnglish, Spoken English Class take daily oral exam to find out your speed, accuracy & variety. In speed test, we see whether you are feeling pressure while reminding particular grammar or words.  In accuracy test, we see whether you are making sentences as per grammar or not. and in variety Test, we see whether you are repeating same kind of sentences with little bit difference. 

if we are taking more students per batch then taking such kind of separate exam of every student is not possible.  Therefore for concentrating on every students equally, we don't take more than 5-8 students per batch.

Personal Training 

In SureEnglish, Conversational English Language Academy, we give Personal Training to every Students. Because English Speaking Training can only be given by Personal Training properly. Because today everybody has some level of English knowledge as per their educational background, family background, friend-circle.  But it is not equal. There are lot of difference in the knowledge of English between students from city students and village students,  students of 10th std and graduate,  student studying at present and student left the study before long time. student having good educational background and students without having such background. Along with this, there is one important issue also of grasping power. Some students have good grasping power and some don't have. 

If there is so much variations among students than how can be taught all of them equally on one particular topic, on one particular time?

By keeping all this point, SureEnglish, General English Learning Center is imparting Personal Training to every student.

SureEnglish, Spoken English Language Course teaches English Speaking for lifetime. This Spoken English Class gives lot of English Sentences which don’t let you forget English in life.

English for lifetime...

In SureEnglish, Spoken English Language Course Training of English is provided in such way that you will never face any English Speaking related problem in your lifetime.  Because most of your training of sentence building, vocabulary developing, Speaking habit will get done under our supervision only in class, not at home.  We continuously find out your every little mistake in our daily English Speaking Test in Class & repair it. 

In such way, all of your mistake & doubt will get cleared in class in training period. Therefore there will be no chance of rising same mistake again in life. 

If there is no mistake at all, that means there will strong confidence in you about whatever is spoken by you is 100% correct. 

In SureEnglish, Advanced English Grammar Course, highest level of grammar is taught. Hence finding out grammatic mistake in the sentences made by our students is mostly hard.

In SureEnglish, Advanced English Grammar Course, grammar is taught very powerfully. We teach grammar on Three level.  1.  Word level   2. Sentence Level   3. Paragraph Level.

By using this method student become more & more confident on every stage. 

With the help of Word Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever word is used is 100% confirmed.

With the help of Sentence Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever sentence is made is 100% OK. No mistake at all.

With the help of Paragraph Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever sentences are joined with each other have established good & link is passing from one sentence to another.

Therefore there will be no chance of mistake in word level, sentence level or paragraph level, while speaking in English.

In SureEnglish, General English Learning Center, English Speaking Practice is given upto 90%, so that no any student may feel lack of speaking habit. Student don't have option for making English speaking practice at home. To sort out this problem, This Conversational English Language Academy give extra speaking practice to students

Everything is in Class ready for you...

In SureEnglish, Conversational English Language Academy, we give nearby 90% speaking practice. It means nearby 1 hr & 15 min. daily practice of speaking English. If so much practice is getting daily, than who will not be able to speak in English?  Why do we give so much practice? because we know better that you have no good option for English speaking practice at home and on workplace. 

In this General English Learning Center, we make you ready to speak with unlimited sentences. Along with this we give you maximum English Speaking Practice in class, so that you will find yourself comfortable while speaking in English on anytime anywhere.

By this way, you will be ready to speak in English within seconds unknowingly.