Methodology of SureEnglish, English Language Training Centre


In SureEnglish, English Learning Center, as per student's educational background, teaching method is changed

As per our knowledge, students who are well-educated / whose family member are speaking English regularly /who have good grasping power / whose education is from Mumbai-like cities, can learn English language better and quickly, but those students who have no such kind of background, are weak to learn English.

By keeping this point in view, SureEnglish, English Language Training Centre, has two type of learning systems on the basis learning capacity of students. One is Fast Learning System & another is Slow Learning System. Fast Learning System is for fast students  & Slow Learning System is for weaker students.  As per their learning capacity, students may choose whichever learning system they want. 

With this method, while learning English, student will not fear to learn confusion creating language like English. Also student can ask doubt until they are not getting it exactly. 

Like this, SureEnglish, English Learning Center also teach students until he get everything exactly. All the sentences is getting done only in class as per grammar. Because we know most of the Indian family don't speak in English in daily life. Therefore they have less idea about English language. In this case, suppose if students made some mistake while building sentence at home, than who will correct those mistakes.  Behind this there is reason. If any doubt remained unsolved, student may have to face problem of misunderstanding while reading, speaking and understanding English.

In such way, students doubts & mistakes are cleared continuously. In the last student become ready to speak English without any mistake & doubt. 

SureEnglish, English Language Class teaches students as per their grasping power. 

Today everybody has some knowledge of English. Today in school, education of English language is given to students from 1st standard. Some students take higher education in life, but some of them left their education in half because of family or financial problem. Hence nobody has equal English knowledge.

Therefore SureEnglish, English Language Class understands first what type of students & their educational background.  As per this, we make separate teaching method for each student.  While teaching, to know better about how much did student understand the topic, we take continuous oral exam of every student individually. In this exam, we find out whether students are having to remind the words and grammar or not. Sometime student speak the same sentences again and again while speaking. Sometime they make many mistakes in grammar & pronouncing words. In oral exam, we find out these mistake. As per their mistake, we give them further instruction. 

SureEnglish, English Language Course, doesn't teach students on board. There is reason for this. English is most confusion-making language. Its words are not spelled as it is seen or as per letter-structure. Therefore there is so many chances of mistakes while reading, writing or understanding whatever is written on board. Therefore we completely avoid uses of board for teaching. In its place, SureEnglish, English Language Course teaches them by giving them our Ready-to-Study note as per their learning requirement.  We ask student to study from these note and after this show us whatever has studied. That's why there is no any mistake will occur by any student. 

In such way, if there is no any mistake than there will be continuous progress in study, means 100% result...!  Because of this method, efforts & time invested by student for learning English doesn't go waste.